Do you offer carbon neutral delivery?

We sure do! We work with Shippit and Auspost to offer 100% carbon neutral delivery for all our orders.

Shippit measures how much carbon is generated by the courier from the moment your parcel is picked up to when it’s delivered.

They purchase carbon offsets to support projects to prevent and reduce greenhouse emissions, so that your parcel achieves net-zero emissions overall.

In this way, we’re helping to neutralise the carbon emitted during the process of delivering your parcel, plus we’ve investing in projects that deliver economic, community and social benefits. Find out more about Shippit's carbon offset programme here.

Australia Post does something very similar for their business customers.

Read more about Australia Post's carbon neutral parcel delivery promise here.

This is just one of Hello Charlie's sustainability initiatives. You can read more on our sustainability page here, or you can drop us an email with any questions that you have to

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