Are your nappies biodegradable?

We often get asked whether our nappies are biodegradable. While all disposable nappies are at least partly biodegradable, they all (including eco nappies) contain non biodegradable plastic parts as well. Right now, there's no disposable nappy that's fully biodegradable.

We also get asked whether you can compost nappies. First of all, health and safety regulators in Australia don't recommend composting products with bodily fluids or excrement, because it's a health risk. Secondly, because of the plastic parts, you won't be able to fully compost them anyway, and home composts rarely get hot enough to cope with the amount of disposable nappies that a baby goes through.

If you'd like more information, you'll find an article here on our blog about whether eco nappies are biodegradable.

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