PayPal Pay In 4

We're now offering PayPal Pay In 4. It's available on orders over $30, and will come up as an option at checkout alongside the normal PayPal option. You'll see the PayPal "P" and the words "Pay In 4" or "Pay Later".

Your payment is split into four, where you make the first payment immediately, and the rest in three payments - one every three weeks.

Frequently asked questions
1 - What do I do if I have a problem with my PayPal Pay In 4 account?
Please get in touch with PayPal directly to sort out any issues relating to your PayPal account.

2 - Are there any fees with PayPal?
PayPal doesn't charge customers any fees when purchasing. There are no late fees and no interest charged.

For more details, and for any other PayPal questions, please visit the PayPal website .

3 - What happens if I want to return items bought with PayPal?
You're more than welcome to return any items that you bought with PayPal. Have a look at our returns policy here for our T's & C's.
Please note, any refund requests made using PayPal will incur a 2.3% fee which are the non-refundable fees charged by PayPal to us.

There's more information on the PayPal website here.

For more information, or for questions about PayPal Pay In 4, please get in touch with PayPal.

If you have any questions, give us a shout on 1300 725 876 or drop us a line at, or jump on to our LiveChat.

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