What does my order status mean?

We like to keep things simple around here, but sometimes our software just hasn't got the message. You just can't get the staff these days ... *

So if you're wondering what your order status actually means, here's our handy guide:

Unpaid - we're waiting on payment, perhaps for your PayPal e-cheque to clear.
Pending - we're waiting on something before we can send your order. If this is news to you, check your email and your voicemail - we'll have been trying to get hold of you.
Unfulfilled - we've got your order, and we're packing it and getting it ready to go.
Ready for Pickup - your order is waiting for you at our Bundoora warehouse. Drop by and grab it between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.
Fulfilled - your order is on the way to you!

If you've got an order status that isn't what you were expecting, or it just doesn't make sense, give us a shout at info@hellocharlie.com.au or feel free to jump on to our livechat during office hours.

*Actually you can, and we have. We have the best staff in the world. It's those pesky software guys who can't get the staff.

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