How can I buy a gift certificate?

Easy - just click here:

Gift certificates are emailed directly to the recipient. Please make sure that you type the recipient’s email address correctly, because you won’t get a copy. You’ll just receive the invoice to let you know that it’s gone through.

If you would prefer it to be emailed to you, put your name in the ‘recipient email’ field.

If you want to print your gift certificate out and put it in a card, you can simply email it to yourself.

Terms & Conditions of Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are like cash – they can be used to buy anything in the Hello Charlie store, including shipping costs and sale items.

They’re valid for three years from date of purchase, and they can’t be refunded or replaced. We can, however, resend the Gift Certificate or we can email you the code again if you can't find the original email.

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